Dear partners!

When launching products into production, the production time will be no more than 6-8 weeks. If the products are in stock, the delivery time is 1-2 days.

Attention! Important information!

Additional filters based on amorphous nanocrystalline materials are now installed in TESD power supply modules. They provide reliable filtering of radio interference and in some cases allow you to abandon the use of external filters!

All single-channel TESD modules contain synchronous rectifiers, which significantly increases their efficiency up to 93%. The modules have a full set of service functions, up to parallel operation. Galvanic isolation of the output channels significantly expands the functionality.

TESD modules are small in size, which, combined with high efficiency, allows them to allow high structural power density from 31 W/in3 to 70 W/in3.

The module housings have stiffeners and at the same time serve for conductive heat removal – they are radiators.

Considering that all components are structurally connected to the housing and filled with a rigid heat-conducting compound, the resistance and strength to mechanical influences is very good.

The absence of optoelectronic devices allows the modules to operate at extreme operating temperatures and under conditions of ionizing effects.

You can order products at the official representative office of AEPS-group in the territory of the Russian Federation – TE LLC:

Tel. (495) 510-42-64

Tel./fax (473) 257-40-41



You can get acquainted with the technical conditions and specifications of the TESD modules on the official website of TE LLC .