JETAs Series

JETAs, 60 W - 1200 W, fanless, metal housings, "low cost"

JETAs module series – AC/DC converters of the “Low Cost” class in metal cases. This series replaces the modules of previous generations: TESA40 – TESA1000 and JETA60 – JETA1200 with the preservation of overall and connecting dimensions.


JETAs series modules are designed for an electrical network of 230 (~182…242 V) and 230W (~100…242 V) and a frequency of 50-60 Hz, with a transient of ~264 V for 1 sec. Taking into account the requirements for special applications, a 400 Hz version is available on request, including for a 115 V network. It is also possible to be powered from a constant voltage of any polarity 140-342 V for a 230W network.


The JETAs series consists of fanless models JETAs60, JETAs120, JETAs300, JETAs700 and JETAs1200. The numbers indicate the maximum output power of the module in Watts, however, to ensure long-term reliability, the load factor of the modules is selected in the range 0.7-0.8.


Electrical advantages: single—channel JETAs300 – JETAs1200 modules contain synchronous rectifiers for output voltage up to 24 V, which significantly increases their efficiency. The possibility of implementing a two-channel output with galvanically isolated channels gives a unique possibility of circuit implementation of the output in all four possible variants: independent two channels, channels connected in parallel, channels connected in series to obtain a high-voltage output, an output with a midpoint. With the exception of JETAs60 and JETAs120, all modules have PFC.


Design advantages: The JETAs models are exceptionally small in combination with high efficiency. This allows them to have a high energy density for such devices – up to 28 W/in3. The aluminum or copper base of the housing has stiffening ribs and at the same time serves for conductive heat removal. Considering that all components having a noticeable weight are structurally connected to the base and filled with a rigid heat-conducting compound, resistance and strength to mechanical influences are good.


JETAs series modules are most effective for use in flying objects at altitudes up to 15 km, including in unpressurized compartments: airplanes, helicopters, drones, flying balloons and gliders, weather balloons. In all types of ground transport – railway locomotives and wagons, cars, tracked mobile vehicles. The modules are very optimal for supercomputers, for radars and information display screens located in external environmental conditions and, finally, in very wide temperature ranges of the environment – they work in the Arctic and Antarctica, in mountains at all altitudes and in cold and hot deserts, etc.






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