TESH Series

TESH, 50 W - 1000 W, standard and high voltage DC input, metal housings with mounting flanges, "low cost"

TESAV(H) series modules with AC or/and DC input have a separate input for supplying AC voltage to the bridge rectifier located inside the module and then, after rectification, the voltage goes to the internal DC/DC converter, the input of which is the second input of the module. To filter the rectified voltage, the TESAV series modules have terminals for connecting an external electrolytic capacitor. In this case, this power supply module becomes an AC/DC type module with a filter capacitor removed. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of placing the electrolytic capacitor in the “cold” zone of the equipment when the module is operating with a high operating temperature of the housing, significantly higher than the electrolytic capacitor allowed. This technique allows you to significantly increase the operating time for failure, that is increase the reliability of the AC / DC power supply. Simplified TESH modules are a modification of TESAV, in which there is no separate input for the supply of alternating voltage and a bridge rectifier, which increases the efficiency of the module with low-voltage supply networks.


This series consists of TESH100, TESH200, TESH500 and TESH1000 modules. The numbers indicate the maximum output power of the module in Watts, however, to ensure long-term reliability, the load factor of these modules is selected in the range 0.7-0.8. TECH modules are designed for special DC electrical networks: 110 (66…160) V, 150 (110…375) V and 230 (175…372) V. A 400 Hz network can be used on request.


Electrical advantages: TESH series modules contain synchronous rectifiers, which significantly increases their efficiency up to 93%. They contain the entire set of service functions, up to parallel operation. Galvanic isolation of output channels in two-channel versions significantly expands the functionality in the construction of equipment, with various schemes of connection of output channels. It is possible to use the terminals to connect a filter capacitor to implement the simplest functions of an uninterruptible power supply.


Design advantages: the models of the TESH series have small dimensions and a planar design. This combined with high efficiency, allows them to realize an energy density from 32 W/in3 to 59 W/in3. The module housings have stiffeners and at the same time serve for conductive heat removal – they are radiators. Considering that all components are structurally connected to the body and filled with a rigid heat-conducting compound, the resistance and strength to mechanical influences is unique.


The increased efficiency makes it possible to obtain a maximum operating temperature range of -40 °C …+110 ° C, on request -60 °C …+110 ° C.


The TESH series modules are optimal for use in almost all applications – for flying objects at altitudes up to 15 km, including in unpressurized and unprotected compartments: airplanes, unmanned vehicles, helicopters, flying balloons and gliders, weather balloons. In all types of ground transport – railway locomotives and wagons, cars, tracked mobile vehicles.


TESH modules are very optimal for telecommunications facilities, in equipment used in mining, for supercomputers, for radars and information display screens located in external environmental conditions and finally in very wide temperature ranges of the environment – they work in the Arctic and Antarctica, in mountains at all altitudes and in cold and hot deserts, etc.

TESAV / TESH 100 - F5

TESAV / TESH 200 - F6

TESAV / TESH 500 - F7

TESAV / TESH 1000 - F8

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