Space is ahead!

Especially for you, the AEPS-group team has developed a space series of DC/DC power supply modules TESD “SPACE” (TESD-SP)! This series has a wide range of models with an output power of 10 W, 20 W, 40 W, 80 W, 200 W, 300 W, 500 W and 1000 W for a network of input voltage “27W” (15-50 V, 80 B 1c).

It is based on the most popular AEPS-group line, which has been produced for many years under the MDM, MR, TESND, TESD brands. The modules of the newest TESD “SPACE” series have completely preserved the overall and connecting dimensions of the TESD series modules.

Thanks to the use of new circuitry and special components, it was possible to significantly improve the characteristics of EMC and resistance to VVF. In the power modules of the TESD-SPACE series, an optocoupler feedback system is used. Built-in EMC input and output filters significantly reduce conductive interference. A distinctive feature is a very high efficiency for this kind of DC/DC converters – 90-94%.

Minimum weight and maximum efficiency are factors that allow the TESD-SPACE series to be ideally suited for commercial and special applications, in conditions where high requirements for reliability and resistance to VVF are imposed.

Very soon you will see TESD-SPACE modules in the nomenclature of 2021, and a separate section of TESD-SPACE series products will appear on our website.