Happy New Year, friends, brothers developers, generous buyers and just good acquaintances! 2020 is a very difficult transition to 2021, the year of hopes for health, for new technologies of our life, it was not for nothing that we trained on remote access, took lessons on the Internet from the most successful and talented businessmen!

Good luck to you all and good luck again!

Our group in the Czech Republic has done a lot preparing for 2021. We have significantly expanded our nomenclature and started the most exciting thing – to post information about new power supply modules on our website. Yes, it’s a lot of work to predict the future of the company for a year ahead! Thanks to the Czech government, which helps the business with money, it strongly motivated us to technical and technological feats when creating new products.

What’s new?

The flagships of our most complex products, the developments of 2019-2020, have been serially mastered: new AC/DC planar fanless single-phase and three-phase JETA3000 and JETNA5000 modules, the TESAV (TESH) series has been completely upgraded – synchronous rectifiers have been introduced, which was very difficult with significant input voltage fluctuations.

In 2021, we are opening a new space era for our products, TESD “SPACE” modules are being introduced into production, how do you like it, Elon Musk? Our developers from Russia from Voronezh (our company “TE”) took part in the development. In this series, we are for the first time mastering a new range of input voltages – the “48W” network (9-80 V).

In 2021, you will see brand new JETDiB and TESDM DC/DC modules. We call them budget (“Low Cost”), but they can please not only with their miniature dimensions and low price, but also with the “48W” network, here we had to forget about the virus and work a lot.

Mal da udal! This is about our newest development – JETBA AC/DC modules for 60, 120, 250, 600 and 1000 watts. They also belong to the Low Cost class, have minimized service functions, but for the first time in low-cost products we have introduced synchronous rectifiers – get in line!

Follow the changes of our website in the new year 2021!

Happiness, tranquility, good luck, health to you and your loved ones!

AEPS-group team, Prague, Czech Republic.