A typical DC/DC module system involves the use of interference filters in accordance with

MIL-STD-461. But in special cases, customers need modules that do not require any external components.

That is why the R&D was carried out to introduce special filters into the internal volume of DC/DC modules, which allow building small-sized distributed power supply systems without using external components of EMC filters and mandatory elements that ensure stable operation of the system in various modes.

AEPS-group offers new DC/DC modules JETDiR32-R (22x60x15 mm) and JETDiR70-R5 (61x59x13 mm). The JETDiR32-R module is designed for the “270” network (230-350 V, 450 V ac.), and the JETDiR70-R5 module for the input range of 135-245 V. Without external components, they comply with the MIL-STD-461 CE101 and CE102 standards.

You can see the preliminary specifications for JETDiR32-R and JETDiR70-R5 in the section DC/DC custom modules and blocks.