Dear friends, dear partners!

Many years of experience have shown that the most successful cooperation is obtained with those enterprises that report in advance the projected quarterly / annual volume of production and have signed Agreements of Intent (the so-called Subscription contracts for free).

We also offer your company to sign such an Agreement of Intent!

The agreement is drawn up for the entire projected annual volume of production, realizing that this is an inaccurate forecast. When purchasing materials and components for our products, we will take into account your forecast, plan windows at our contract production facilities taking into account the time of possible arrival of your order, provide your information service, providing information about mass-produced novelties and new projects that are beginning. It will be possible to supply prototypes to receive your conclusion. When ordering a promising volume of products, you will receive optimal prices without commercial margins.

We are sure that such an Agreement will be an additional incentive for cooperation with us, the opportunity to receive products in 2-4 weeks after their payment, instead of the standard 6-8 weeks.

You will have a direct connection with the Chief Designer to answer technical questions, and a technical specialist will also be assigned to your company for advice and discussions.

For more information, please call (495) 510-42-64, (473) 257-40-41