On the website www.aeps-group.com a new nomenclature of our products for 2021 has been posted. For the convenience of choosing products, we provide a classification table of module groups by application areas.

  1. Standard serial modules of the “Low Cost” class, the filling of the warehouse with which has already begun in 2020 – JETAs, JETDis, TESDs. The purpose of launching these products is to reduce the delivery time from the warehouse. They successfully replace modules previously produced under the brands TESA, JETA and in some cases popular, but more expensive JETA-LP, as well as JETDi, TESD, TESND. We are sure that you will be pleased with the possibility of new JETDis, TESDs with an input voltage of 9-80 V (emissions up to 100 V).
  1. A group of AC/DC and DC/DC modules for critical missions (maximum power, planar design, ultra-wide temperature ranges on request with maximum service functions) – JETA-LP, JETNA-LP, TESAV(H), TESND, JETDiR and JETDi.
  1. A group of modules for special applications, the set of parameters of which has been completely determined exactly according to your requirements over the past 5 years – the latest TESD-SP and classic non-electronic TESD with a very large power range, from 10 watts to 1000 watts!

We will be glad to receive requests and letters from you about your needs for 2021! At the moment, the website is being updated and new product series are being published, which will soon appear in the relevant product sections. Don’t wait – contact us!